What is ANPR?

A good car park should have plenty of space, be well maintained and make paying for parking as easy as possible for motorists. One of the newest and simplest ways for car park owners to manage and enforce parking rules, as well as aid motorists in payment, is through ANPR.

What Does ANPR Stand For?

ANPR stands for Automatic Number Plate Recognition.

What is ANPR?

ANPR is an automated car park system that uses a camera and a computer to automatically record a vehicle’s number plate/registration mark. The time a vehicle enters the car park is recorded, as is the time it leaves. This makes it easier to estimate how long a vehicle has used a car park, and in some cases, it can eradicate the need for paper tickets. It can also help to identify how many spaces are left in a car park, making it easier for motorists looking for a place to park.

Types of ANPR Cameras

There are several different types of ANPR cameras used by all manner of authorities across the UK. We provide ANPR as a car park management solution, but this isn’t the only way it can be used. ANPR cameras are often fitted on police cars to identify whether a car is insured, taxed, MOT’d or registered as stolen.

Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs) also use cameras to detect speeding and reduce crime rates in specific areas.

Highways England operates over 1,100 ANPR cameras across road networks and motorways to calculate journey times and provide traffic estimates. They also monitor how many cars are on the road and how often roads are used.

Some other ways ANPR cameras are used include:

  • Monitoring bus lanes
  • Overseeing box junctions
  • Monitoring toll roads
  • Checking the London congestion zone


What Does an ANPR Camera Look Like?

The appearance of an ANPR camera will depend on the type that is being used. ANPR cameras that are used by Highways England are bright green, but others might be white, grey or blue.

LEAs do not disclose where their cameras are mounted as this could assist potential offenders, but new ones cannot just be put up as and when. There needs to be an assessment to determine whether there is a justifiable need for a camera to be installed.

How Does ANPR Work?

The way in which ANPR works will depend on the type of camera being used. In terms of car park ANPR, the camera is usually placed at the entrance to the car park. A photograph of a car’s number plate is taken as it enters the car park and a timer begins. Depending on the car park and if it’s a paid one, the motorist may be required to enter their number plate at a pay machine to determine how much they need to pay. They can then pay the amount due and leave without the need of inserting a ticket into a machine on the way out.

Is ANPR Suitable for Me?

In terms of car parking, ANPR can be incredibly useful and is a viable option for nearly all pay and display car parks. Not only does it reduce pay and display abuse by eradicating the possibility for offenders to slip through the net, but it also makes paying for parking easier for motorists, too. They don’t need to think about keeping their printed ticket safe, nor do they need to worry about going back to the car park to buy a new ticket if their time is running out.

You can easily see how many spaces are available at your car park and how well used it is, and you also don’t need to worry about tidying up ticket litter, either.

Get ANPR Installed

Are you a car park owner? Do you struggle with car park management and enforcement? If so, we can help. Book a car park survey online today or contact us to discuss your needs. We will go through your options with you to find the best solution for your car park, and we will arrange a visit to see how ANPR can fit into your car park.

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