Warden Patrols

On Foot Warden patrols. 24 Hours a Day. 365 Days a Year.

Countrywide Parking Management provides the leading parking warden enforcement patrol service to car parks across the UK, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, 100% free of charge!

Our parking enforcement officer service gives clients and motorists a human approach to car park management and enforcement. Enforcement officer patrols can be completely tailored from the frequency, patrol times, and level of enforcement, depending on your requirements.

All our enforcement officers wear full uniforms and are equipped with ticketing devices that allow them to capture time and date stamped images and affix physical tickets to the windscreens of offending vehicles. This means that they’re an effective parking deterrent.

We provide our 100% FREE parking officer services to private and public car parks in all sectors, including residential, retail, and commercial.

Key Benefits

  • Patrols 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

  • Audited warning signage

  • 24/7 helpline to report vehicles

  • Permit system managed by our team

  • Added security and crime prevention

  • Flexible enforcement and allowances

Permits & Signage

Compliant Warning Signage

Included free of charge as part of our ticket warden patrol services, we supply and install clear and visible warning signage around your car park. The signage we provide is fully audited and approved by the International Parking Community to guarantee compliance with the parking code of conduct.

We are committed to ensuring all the signage that we erect is well kept, and we work to actively replace any signage that becomes damaged or weathered.

Physical Parking Permits

Included free of charge as part of our park warden patrol car park management solution, we supply and manage a parking permit system bespoke to your car park. Authorised motorists will be provided with a permit(s) to affix to their windscreen or place on their dashboard. We can provide bespoke permits, including residents, visitors, staff, and contractor permits. All our physical parking permits come with security features that prevent them from being duplicated.

Virtual Permits

Virtual permits allow you to add and remove vehicle registrations from our online portal. Any VRMs added to the portal can be checked in real-time by our UK traffic wardens when patrolling the car park.

This solution can manage...

  • Resident Parking

  • Visitor parking

  • Allocated Bays

  • Customer Parking

  • Loading & Unloading

  • Disabled Bays

  • Maximum Stay

  • No Parking Areas

  • Pay & Display

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