How Does the JustPark App Work?

JustPark is one of the UK’s leading car park apps, with more than five million users across the UK. From 2017 to 2020 the app won the British Parking Award, and it’s now used by car park suppliers up and down the country.

At Countrywide Parking, our car park management systems are compatible with the JustPark app, making it easier for you to maintain your car park and for motorists to pay for parking. Cashless payments are fast becoming the go-to across many industries, and parking is no exception. To help better manage your car park and to make it more appealing and convenient for drivers, we recommend utilising the JustPark app.

We offer JustPark integration as part of our cashless car park management solutions, but if you’re new to cashless payments for car parking, you might wondering, how does the JustPark app work?

Registering your car park with JustPark

From a parking management point of view, the first step to using the JustPark app is to register your car park. When you do this, you will be assigned a location ID. This is the reference motorists will enter into the app when they pay their parking charge. It will also show your car park on the app’s map, making it easier for motorists to find you. At Countrywide Parking, we will take care of registration for you as part of our cashless parking management services.

Installing signage

Every car park should have effective signage to aid motorists, but this is even more important if you’re using the JustPark service. On the sign, you will need to clearly display the location ID so that drivers can enter it into the app and pay the appropriate charge at the right location. You will also need to clearly display instructions for motorists who want to pay via JustPark.

This will include details on how to download the app onto a smartphone (it is compatible with both Android and Apple devices), how to enter the location ID, and how to pay using a debit card. Not all motorists will have a smartphone, and some might not want to install an app, in which case you need to display details on how to use the automated JustPark payment line.

In addition to instructions, your car park signage also needs to clearly display the parking charges and any penalties that may be incurred. We are able to provide car park signage for you inclusive of information on how to use JustPark.

Integration with Countrywide Parking

Once your car park has been registered with JustPark and you have put up effective signage, your car park will then be integrated into our car park management system. Our wardens will be able to check the database on their patrols and identify which vehicles have paid and which ones haven’t. They can then enforce parking management rules and when they are applicable.

Using the JustPark app as a motorist

From a motorist’s point of view, using the JustPark app is easy. To pay for parking, you will need to download the app. It is compatible with both Android and Apple devices. Once you have downloaded it, you will then need to register an account and enter the location ID listed on the signage around the car park. After entering your vehicle registration number, you can then choose how long you would like to park for and pay using a debit card.

If your trip lasts longer than expected, you don’t need to worry about walking back to the car park to renew your parking ticket; you can do it remotely using the app. Likewise, if you’re looking for the best car park rate, you don’t need to travel from location to location – simply open up the map on the app and see what various car parks in the area are charging.

From a car park management point of view, the map feature is great for building awareness of your car park to people who might not otherwise be aware of who you are and where you’re based, further helping you to maximise your spaces.

Pre-booking is something we are able to facilitate through our cashless payment car park management solutions, making it easier for motorists to find somewhere to park, as well as ensuring car park providers are able to make the most of the spaces they have available.

Another benefit of using the JustPark app is that you can reserve a car parking space prior to your trip. This is particularly useful when you’re looking for car parks in London, Birmingham, Manchester, and other central locations where there is a lot of traffic. Not just this, but motorists can easily see which car parks are full and which ones have spaces available, meaning they don’t need to circle round various locations until they find a space.

Using JustPark with Countrywide Parking

Integrating cashless payments into your car park is a great way to make your car park more accessible and efficient for motorists, but it’s also an easier way to enforce car parking management and to quickly identify any vehicles that may be abusing the rules.

If you would like to find out more about how we can take the stress out of car park management with JustPark integration, please contact us. We will organise a car park survey and discuss the best option for you moving forwards. Please call us on 0800 999 1032 to speak to us today.

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