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Paying a Parking Charge Notice

If you are seen to be breaching the terms and conditions of use, clearly stated on our site signage you will be issued with a Parking Charge Notice. A PCN can be issued by either a printed ticket put on your windscreen or a letter sent to the registered keeper of the vehicle informing you of the PCN. We will request details from the DVLA if a PCN has been issued via ANPR or self-ticketing services. We will also request your details if you have not contacted us within 14 days from the date you were issued a PCN.


If you feel that your Parking Charge Notice was issued unfairly, you do have the option to appeal. All appeals must be sent in writing to Appeals Department, Countrywide Parking Management Ltd, PO Box 9529, Poole, BH12 9NT You must include your full name, address and telephone number with your appeal letter. If you appeal, the 14 day period to pay the reduced amount will still continue from the date the PCN was issued.

Our appeals team will review all cases fairly, however, If you do not agree with our decision, you may appeal to the Independent Appeals Service. IAS will review all the evidence to come up with a verdict. Countrywide Parking Management Ltd will automatically withdraw the option to pay the reduced amount and the full charge will be payable if your appeal to the IAS is denied.


Countrywide Parking Management Ltd offers a number of ways to pay your Parking Charge Notice. You can pay by credit or debit card, using our Telephone or internet payment service. We do not hold credit or debit card details on any of our systems. You may also pay via cheque by sending it to Payments Department, Countrywide Parking Management, PO Box 9529, Poole, BH12 9NT. You must include your full name, address and a contact number along with your PCN number and registration plate number with all correspondence to us.

Please note that once payment is made, it is accepted that you, the driver, has accepted liability by way of payment. No appeals or refunds will be accepted after payment has been made.

Failure to Pay

CPM allows up to 28 days from the date of issue to pay your Parking Charge Notice. If payment if not received within this time period we may request the vehicles registered keeper details to begin perusing the PCN. If no correspondence from the vehicle owner is received we will pass the PCN on to a third party debt recovery company to collect payment. A letter will be sent the registered keepers to inform them that this has happened. Once the PCN has been passed onto the debt recovery agents your Parking Notice Charge may increase to cover costs.

In some cases, Countrywide Parking Management Ltd will allow you to pay your PCN in instalments;  it is to our discretion how many months your payment plan will be broken down into. We may increase the cost of your parking charge notice if we accept a monthly payment plan.


Countrywide Parking Management Ltd reserves the right to change or update these terms and conditions at any time.