Countrywide Parking Manegement | Self Ticketing

Self Ticketing

Our zero confrontation Self-Ticketing service gives you complete control and flexibly with the management of your car park.

You will then be provided with our easy to use smartphone application of which you will use to record vehicles registrations and take time stamped photos of any vehicles that are breaching the terms and conditions of your car park.  

Once you have reported a vehicle, the information you have taken will automatically be sent to our system where our team will request the offending vehicle keeper’s details from the DVLA.  A Parking Charge Notice will then be sent to the keeper in the post within 14 days.

Self-Ticketing Is Ideal For:
Zero Confrontation
Complete control of your car park
Helps free up valuable parking spaces
100% Confidential
Easy and quick to use
£10.00 Commission Per Paid PCN*
*Commission subject to survey.
- Small Businesses 
- Hotels
- Residential Car Parks 
- Customer Parking (In front of shops etc) 
Take Control of Your Car Park...
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