Motorist FAQs

We are unable to discuss any Parking Charges or accept any appeals over the phone or via email. All appeals must be submitted by our appeals process, this can be submitted either online or via post. Please click here for full details on appealing a Parking Charge.


When a Parking Charge Notice is issued, our wardens or ANPR cameras capture time and date stamped photographic evidence. This is available to view by visiting, you will need your Parking Charge reference number and vehicle registration number to access this information.

As a member of the International Parking Community (IPC) and the approved operator scheme, Countrywide Parking Management Ltd is able to obtain the details of the registered keeper of a vehicle from the DVLA where that vehicle has been found to be in breach of the terms and conditions clearly displayed around the site.

You can appeal your Parking Charge Notice (PCN) if you believe it was issued incorrectly, this must be submitted within 28 days from the date the PCN was issued.

For more information or to submit an appeal, click here.

You can appeal your Parking Charge Notice (PCN) if you believe it was issued incorrectly, this must be submitted within 28 days from the date the PCN was issued.

For more information or to submit an appeal, click here.

If you were not the driver at the time the Parking Charge Notice was issued, you can submit a transfer of liability online by clicking here. Alternatively, you can submit a transfer of liability via post by writing to the below address:

Appeals Department, Countrywide Parking Management Ltd, PO Box 9529, Poole, BH12 9NT

The Blue Badge scheme for disabled drivers is only valid on public highways and is not valid on any private land unless a disabled bay is clearly marked and the term and conditions of parking (clearly displayed around the site) states specific rules for blue badge holders.

For more information on The Department for Transports, Blue Badge scheme click here.

Countrywide Parking Management Ltd does not issue or collect Penalty Charges, fines or excess charges, which are only enforced by police, traffic wardens or civil enforcement officers under the Traffic Management Act 2004 or the Road Traffic Acts. However, Countrywide Parking Management Ltd does have the authority to issue and enforce Parking Charge Notices for contractual breaches on private land. This was confirmed by the Supreme Court in the precedent-setting case of ParkingEye v Beavis (2015) UKSC 67. For more information concerning this judgment, please visit

Any motorist that submits an appeal within 14 days of the issue date will be given a further 14 days from our response date to pay the reduced Parking Charge Notice amount. If you have appealed after this date, you may not be offered the opportunity to pay the reduced amount.

You will be notified of the outcome of your appeal whether it is accepted or rejected. You will then have a further 28 days to pay the outstanding Parking Charge Notice.

If your appeal is rejected, you have the option to appeal to the Independent Appeals Service (IAS), information on how to use this service will be provided within our response correspondence.

Independent Appeals Service (IAS)

The IAS is a certified Alternative Dispute Resolution entity. You may use this service if you have been advised by Countrywide Parking Management that we will engage with it. If you consider that you should be able to use the service but are unable to; please contact us.

You can submit an appeal to the IAS if your appeal to our internal appeals department has been declined. You must submit your appeal with the IAS within 21 days of your appeal being declined by our internal appeals department.

Once you have submitted an appeal to the IAS, you will no longer be able to pay the reduced Parking Charge amount.

The IAS will not consider appeals in the following circumstances:

  1. Where you have not attempted to resolve the dispute directly with the Operator.
  2. Where another ADR entity or a court has already begun to deal with the matter.
  3. Where the appeal is considered to be vexatious.
  4. Where dealing with such a type of dispute would seriously impair the effective operation of the IAS.
  5. Where the parking charge was imposed more than 12 months ago.

The POLPLA service is for parking operators that are members of the British Parking Association (BPA). Countrywide Parking Management Ltd are accredited members of the International Parking Community (IPC) and therefore use the IAS process.

If your appeal is dismissed by the IAS, the Parking Charge will remain outstanding and the full amount of £100.00 will be charged.

Debt Recovery

When a Parking Charge remains unpaid, Countrywide Parking Management Ltd will escalate the case to our chosen third party debt recovery agents. The Parking Charge will increase to £160.00 at this stage.

All of our chosen partners follow strict Data protection procedures to ensure motorists data remains safe at all times.

Countrywide Parking Management does not sell any debts to third-party companies, our debt recovery agents and solicitors act on our behalf to collect outstanding Parking Charges.

We are unable to accept any appeals once a Parking Charge has been passed to our debt recovery agents. All enquires and issues must be dealt with through our chosen third-party debt recovery agent.