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Countrywide Parking Management understand the importance for shopping centers to have an effective parking management solution in place.


Whether you are providing free parking to customers or you would like to generate income from your car park, our flexible enforcement and management solutions will get the results you are looking for.  


Ensuing the car park is a user-friendly and stress-free experience is at the front of our minds when designing a tailored parking management system and program for our clients. We use cutting edge technology including ANPR camera’s, payment terminals and pay-by-phone systems to manage and enforce your car park.


Our experienced team will take care of the whole process when setting up and managing the car park and will continuously monitor the car parks performance to help prevent congestion and prevent non-shoppers from using the car park.

24/7/365 monitoring & support
Bespoke systems tailored to your requirements
Full management including cash collection & maintenance
Reduce congestion
Increased income
Weekly reporting & statistics
Regular performance reviews
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