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Countrywide Parking Management will supply and install Pay & Display equipment to suit your Individual needs.



Types of Payment Meters: 

Services we provide for Pay & Display car parks:
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Ensuring that users can pay for parking seamlessly without any stress is vital to ensure repeat users and a profitable car park.


We offer a range of parking machines to meet all types of car parks and user’s requirements including solar powered, mains powered, touch screen, coins, debit/credit cards, contactless and Apple Pay


As part of our service we will carry out regular maintenance, cash collections and ticket refills, ensuring the meters have maximum uptime and leaving no extra costs for our clients. Furthermore, we run a 24-hour helpline for all the sites that we manage to help both our clients and car park users.


Our dedicated team are able to supply and install payment meters promptly so your car park can be running and generating income quickly.