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JustPark is one of the UK’s leading car park apps, with more than five million users across the UK. From 2017 to 2020 the app won the British Parking Award, and it’s now used by car park suppliers up and down the country. At Countrywide Parking, our car park management systems are compatible with the […]
Parking is one of the biggest issues facing UK drivers, with a lack of public parking leading many motorists to unlawfully park on private property. The problem is so bad that from 2020 – 2021, more than 4.4 million penalty charge notices (PCN) were issued. This means millions of drivers were found to have parked […]
Here at Countrywide Parking Management, we are experts in car park management and enforcement. We work up and down the UK, but no matter where we are, we always get asked the same question: are car parks private property? This question mostly comes up in regard to residential parking, with many people wondering how the […]
In order to identify and track vehicles in car parks, Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) is often put in place. This is a system that reads number plates through the use of high-speed image capture. ANPR is effective in implementing operational efficiencies, as well as acting as a tool of enforcement. Not only does it […]
As a leading residential car park specialist, Countrywide Parking Management works extensively across the UK to maintain residential car parks and enforce parking rules. Residential parking can take many different forms, oftentimes bringing with it confusion about what is considered public or private land and what the laws pertaining to each entail. If you’re confused […]
A good car park should have plenty of space, be well maintained and make paying for parking as easy as possible for motorists. One of the newest and simplest ways for car park owners to manage and enforce parking rules, as well as aid motorists in payment, is through ANPR. What Does ANPR Stand For? ANPR […]
We provide a number of different parking solutions suitable for all manner of clients, but one of the most popular car park management options we routinely provide is pay and display parking. If you’re looking for a way to manage your car park and are looking into pay and display, but you are unsure if […]