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Automatic Number Plate Recognition  

Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) acts as a 24/7 virtual parking warden in your car park. The camera system monitors every vehicle that enters and leaves your car park by capturing images of both the vehicle and the VRM.

The data collected by the ANPR cameras is wirelessly transmitted to our control centre where the data is automatically processed and checked to see if any of the terms and conditions have been breached. ANPR technology can enforce on contraventions such as unauthorised vehicles, overstay and failure to pay for parking. It can also be used to monitor car park barriers and service vehicle only lanes.

Our ANPR cameras can be used to supply our clients with car park usage data and reports. These valuable reports can inform you of peak visiting times, average length of stay, repeat business and traffic flow.

24/7 365 days a year monitoring
Zero Confrontation
Helps free up valuable parking spaces
Virtual Permits + White-listing Terminals  
High quality, time and date stamped images captured
Client reports for car park statistics
Client commission (subject to site survey)
ANPR Will Prevent:
- Unauthorised vehicles
- Overstay
- Non Payment for parking
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